Beaglebone sancloud adding spi interface drives

Hi ,
I would like to get information what I need to do for my beaglebone sancloud/enhanced/black
with yocto build kernel version 5.x.x to have apt-get working to install missing software I need and what is more important for me to have spi drivers in /dev/spi*.
Sancloud which give me the way how to build yocto build do not want to answer this question or they want between 10000 pounds and 25000 pounds to provide the way for me to have /dev/spi*
If someone can point me to direction how to do it. By the way there is no uEnv.txt nor any examples how to install and use u-boot overlays which I am currently using now.

Hi @Sergey_Uskach1, I just came across your question and thought I’d give a quick reply. I don’t monitor this forum regularly but do check in from time to time.

The way to add software to an image built with Yocto Project is to modify the image recipe or local configuration and rebuild the image - you can’t just use apt-get to install packages from Debian/Ubuntu as it’s fundamentally a different distro. There’s lots of excellent resources online on how to work with Yocto Project, if you’re new to it then I recommend starting with the documentation at and asking questions on IRC or the mailing lists if you need help.

To enable SPI devices you’ll need to modify the device tree and rebuild the kernel. That should be fairly straightforward if you’re familiar with the device tree syntax, if not then I recommend searching online. If you know which SPI device you need to enable I’m happy to give you some pointers.

It’s also worth noting that the BeagleBone Enhanced does work with the Debian images, if you’re more familiar with Debian then you can give those a go. Note that the kernel version and other details may differ between the Yocto and Debian images. The Yocto BSP doesn’t support u-boot overlays right now as you’ve seen, these are currently only available with Debian.

Paul Barker
Principal Software Engineer
Sancloud Ltd

Hi Paul,
I wish I can get some pointers from you.
I did tried to modify device tree,
But I did not have any luck to have instance of the spi driver.
I just need only second spi to be available.

Have you tried this with the Debian image and device tree overlays? If so, which overlay do you use? You can then look at the dts file for that overlay to see what changes it applies to the device tree.