Beaglebone Schematic Symbols


I was wondering if anyone had the schematic symbols for the Beaglebone or the Beaglebone Black boards which will work with Mentor Graphics’ DxDesigner. I have prototyped a much larger system using the BeagleBone Black board and many other evaluation boards and now I am integrating all of the components onto a custom pcb. It would save me countless hours of work, and reduce the probability of making a mistake when creating my own symbols, if someone had them already. I downloaded the files from the Beaglebone Black Wiki page but there are only a few symbols in the included libraries. The pcb decals are not a problem because I simply can open up the pcb file and click on a specific decal and then save it in my custom library. However, this does not work with DxDesigner, and I called Mentor Graphics customer support and they said that the schematic symbols had to be included in the schematic library, but were not in the downloaded files. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am not sure as to whether or not it works with that particular version of Mentor, but the Mentor version of the schematic is on the support Wiki.