Beaglebone SPI Interfacing

Hi all, I need to control a digital potentiometer with SPI interface. I upgrade my angstrom to the latest kernel that support SPI. I can see the spidev2.0 on my /dev list but the problem is I have no idea how to interact with it to control the potentiometer. I am a noob about SPI, Linux and beaglebone so any information would really help. I would really appreciate it if someone can help/guide me or tell me where to start. I have done some reading about how spi work in general. Thank you.

Have a look at

I did write an example of SPI to control a nokia screen if you want to take a look :

Thank you all for the responses. I was playing with the SPI and with digital pot today by modifying Koen codes and think I short something out or maybe the 5V external power supply I was using to power up the digital pot somehow find its way to the bone. I did not really know what I did wrong. I ended up with a dead beaglebone. I does not power turn on. I tried using USB and external power supply but still. When plug in to power, the LED besides the power plug blink once and nothing else happened. I have tried using the original SD card which still have the original Angstrom that came with the board hoping the problem is on the SD card. But it still does not turn on the board. Do you guys think I should request a RMA?