Beaglebone Terminal color

I am compiling the kernel as it is distributed on github (i don’t modify anything).
I noticed at some times, the terminal was displaying in ‘colors’ in PuTTY, sometimes it is monochrome.
Putty is connected directly to my BBB usb-to-serial adaptor (COM4).

There is probably an option for that that tends to ‘toggle’ from kernel version to another, lately i have been compiling 5.10 and 5.4, both output monochrome. But i know i had had color in the past.

I know it is a detail, but i find it easier to read when in color.

Do anybody know what option i should enable (maybe in menuconfig) to have terminal in color ?

Thank you

Hi @philippe-brodeur this actually is setup by your bash (or clone) session…

By default we enable bash…

cat ~/.bashrc

The color options should be enabled, then it’s up to “PuTTY” to properly understand them…