beaglebone to receive infrad remote control with one GPIO pin?

Hi, I have an infrared sensor receiver connected to one of the GPIO pins of beaglebone, and I can echo value of the GPIO pin in linux. I would like to it to decode TV remote control signals.

My question is should I hack the kernel to enable its support? or Just write a linux user space program? Thanks

P.S. receiver I am using is

Ok I made it work by using lirc + gpio existing kernel drivers. still fixing it up.

Yes I have used some existing code from Raspberry Pi community. But I have only used receiving part.

read 1:

read 2:

basically you make:

  • a kernel driver and specify GPIO pin number

  • install lirc (installed by apt-get) and init.d auto start, make a conf file enable lirc to decode and sends input back to kernel (/dev/input/uinput something like this)

it is very reliable so far. and basically you can make a IR remote to become a keyboard device to your beaglebone.

I’d love to, but don’t have time to tidy up all the stuff, meanwhile plz just use the patch from the rasp pi community

read 1:

read 2:


have anybody managed to get Lirc workin?

if so, can somebody give me directions, how to do that ?

Any progress on this?!

Vitor Henrique

hi,I want to transmit lirc code using beaglebone black gpio. anyone got success…?/ I kindly request all you to help me please…

no success or experience here but it seems like it would be a nifty
app for the PRUSS on the beagle, especially as that subsystem was
initially intended for handling and implementation of various serial
protocols. turning this into a PRUSS driver that exposed for instance
/dev/remote/sony and/or /dev/remote/panasonic etc. would be kinda
cool. simply write a specific button press character to the device
file and magically get a code stream out, or read a code stream and
have the characters buffered and ready to read from the device file.


not sure, if i’ve made it correctly, but at least it works :smiley:

Could i just ask you guys how you managed to install LIRC? I’m trying now and opkg is returning with no package found and doing it from source is just throwing up loads of errors,

Sorry. Can’t remember. But i think i installed it via apt-get install lirc . But i’m not 100% sure.

Hi Martin, I really like the idea of digging into LIRC on the BBB and throwing codes through OpenRemote.
I flashed Debian to the eMMC did an;
apt-get install lirc


After I did that, I cloned your RPi adjusted kernel git to the BBB and turned off lightdm to save resources as it will be headless.

So the question is, how do I install this patch? (Err, what do I do with it)
Then of course, how to auto-start lirc? (I swear, Googling this shouldn’t come up with so many vagueries, and I much prefer chkconfig! :frowning: )
I haven’t dug around in systems at this level too often and precise answers are so helpful, thank you!

ps, Sorry for all the stupid questions about something you likely did off-the-cuff FOREVER ago!

I’m not so good at linux especially in kernel compiling, but i got it working by downloading kernel sources, and then applyed that patch to kernel and at menuconfig , enabled lirc_bbb.
Hope it clears things up. Also, i have not tested it with latest kernels. When i get some time, i’ll try to compile it again/test and make some sort of tutorial or so…

Ps. You are not first person who asks about “how to get it working”

Currently i have so limited time that i can’t even get to computer, but i’ll start looking at it in few days.

(Also, i know my “english” is not good, but i hope you get the point, that i wanted to say…)