[beaglebone] Transfer data from laptop (Windows 7) to beaglebone

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Sorry for probably posting a naive query, but I would really appreciate some quick help here!

I am using Beaglebone revision A6. I need to transfer data from my laptop to the beaglebone.I have a laptop with windows 7 OS installed. I want to transfer data from the laptop to the beaglebone. For starters, I want to transfer any random number. Please help.

Also, let me know if any details are required.

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It connects over USB as a serial port. Can you use a serial port for your needs?



Try SSH/Telnet ?

What kind of data ? Putty runs fine on Windows 7

Thanks for the responses.

I have downloaded hyperterminal application on my windows 7 laptop. After connecting the beaglebone to the laptop through the usb cable I am able to see the terminal. I want to transfer a notepad file contents from my laptop to the beaglebone and want to check if the transfer is done.

As of now I am doing the following for sending data from the laptop to the beaglebone, is it the correct way?:

  1. Sending file from laptop to beaglebone. (Transfer>Send Text File)

  1. This is the text file whose content I want to transfer to beaglebone. Basically, the values 75, 77, 82. These values are to be used for computation purpose on beaglebone.

  1. This is the message that I am getting. Does this mean that the values are transferred from the laptop to the beaglebone? How can I save these values on beaglebone, for avoiding reading from the laptop text file again and again?

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Siddharth Kabra

Do you wish to have a text file on the BeagleBone containing those values so you can manipulate that text file on the BeagleBone? What you did was literally send those lines as commands to the BeagleBone via the terminal. The “command not found” response is because you sent each of those lines and there is no command called “75”, etc. Try entering “75” via hyperterminal and you’ll get the same response.

If you’re trying to transfer files to the filesystem using the default Angstrom image, I’ve found WinSCP to be the most straightforward method. You can find more info at this link:


Then you can use WinSCP like a Windows explorer window to move files over. Just know that this also makes it a lot easier to do things like rename or delete the /bin directories, which will muck things up pretty badly. Try and stick to the /home/root directory until you get the hang of it.

Get WinSCP from Here: http://winscp.net/eng/index.php

It will open a LAN (TCPIP) connection to the bone and display two directories.

The one on your laptop and the current one on the bone.

It works just like windows explorer. You can copy any file you like back and forth.