[beaglebone] Unable to use WP8548 with ConnMan

Hi Robert,

What kernel and wpa_supplicant configuration changes are required to
enable a cellular connection and WiFi on Linux 14.4?

Or, do you have a page describing what is required to set up a
cellular connection with/without Connman, and a WiFI connection using
connman on the BeagleBone black with 14.4?

Have the kernel prompt and all interfaces working to my knowledge but
need to validate cellular connectivity and WiFi.


Sorry, i had not replied, as I have not used any cellular device's
other than thru ppp..


For that project with cellular, i used ppp for the cellular uplink.

connman was used to create a wifi access point.

Such that devices could connect to it and get network access.


sudo connmanctl tether wifi on ${wifi_ssid} ${wifi_password}


Lately I’ve been pondering on how to make both 3G and Ethernet work via connman. pppd and connman tend to bicker and overwrite each other’s resolv.conf entries, which is a bit of a pain if one grabs the default route and the other installs its local DNS servers :slight_smile:

Anyway, as far as I can tell connman relies on a component called ofono to manage modems and do dialup. This, in turn, requires support for your 3G modem in the form of some driver. Unfortunately I can find zero practical documentation on ofono and - judging by updates in recent years - it seems to be abandonware. Hmm.