Beaglebone: unknown package 'samba'


trying to install Samba via opkg I also got "unknown package 'samba'". I did opkg update before. What might be wrong?


Might be that Samba is not available for Angstrom.

Just guessing; I don't use Angstrom or Samba

the feed browser is dead as usual

It works fine from here.

It works from here, too.

When I update I get quite some error messages like "Failed to download xxxxxx . Perhaps you need to run 'opkg update'." and "Package xxxxxxxx is not availabel from any configured src." So, should I add a src? How?


That is caused by a bug in the mirroring script, it copies over the index files before the actual packages. The workaround is to try again.



Thanks Koen for your reply.

I've tried several times but did not succeed.