beaglebone USB connection problem


I got my beaglebone 1.5 weeks ago. It worked fine for the first week, but now it does not work anymore.

I am connecting my beaglebone, which already has the installed image of angstrom, to my linux computer but it does not show up as a USB connection. When I connect it to windows, it windows sends a message saying the there is a USB connection problem, and that the USB device cannot be identified

Before it broke. I was updating my angstrom distro with the “opkg upgrade” command, but after 30 minutes I did control-C to stop it, then I exit the ssh connection with the “exit” command.

I dont know if that has something to do with this problem?

I remounted the linux distribution, but is did not work. Its seems to me that it is a hardware problem.

I would start over. Recreate the original SD card and then see how it works.