Beaglebone works from barrel jack only (not USB power)

I’ve had my beaglebone black working for several months using USB power from the computer. Lately I’ve been using it for a project and switched to barrel jack DC power. Now, it only works with barrel jack DC power, and if I plug it into a computer, USB battery, or power supply with USB, it won’t boot. The power LED flashes briefly and then it turns off. No combination of power or reset will turn it on. If I have both DC and USB plugged in, then it works fine and USB networking works, etc. Has anyone seen this? Did I blow a fuse or something?
I was planning on using a USB 5V battery for a project. I guess as a workaround I can cut the mini USB connector off and plug the wires into P9_1 and P9_5, which is the same as DC barrel, correct?

Sounds like the PMIC may have been damaged on the USB power input or the current the board now consumes exceeds the 500mA budget on the USB. If the later is the case, then the culprit could also be a damaged pin on the processor somewhere.


Project? Do you have any capes attached? discrete components, ether, …?
Try removing everything, if it starts now then start adding things back on until the problem reappears, that or a combination of the additions is usually the problem. If the problem stays, you now have it ready for an RMA.

The beaglebone wouldn’t boot with nothing attached and just plugged into USB, but will boot with barrel jack power.
Last night I cut off the end of a USB cord and stripped the black and red wires. I plugged the black into P9_1 and the red into P9_5 and it boots! So I’m not sure what I broke but at least I can still use it.