beagleboneblack vs beagleboard

I’d like to see a point-by-point comparison of the beagle bone black and the beagleboard. (If there is one, I apologize for not finding it.) I’m interested in performance and features.

I can flip back and forth between the description pages, but that’s awkward, and my short term memory is awful. And the pages offer somewhat different information in somewhat different formats.


It's really easy at the moment...

BeagleBone Black:

available for purchase [x]


available for purchase [ ]


Well, I guess I didn’t give complete info. I have a Beagleboard, and I’m wondering what the BBB has that I don’t have already.

… and why is the BB no longer available?

Distributors are not placing nay orders for the board. The XM basically replaced it about 6 years ago. Since then the BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black have been the main runners…


and the micron memory on beagle classic went "EOL" again... :wink:


This is true as well.


I don’t own a beagleboard, but I think the biggest differences is that the beaglebone black has 2x PRU’s, twice as much memory, 4GB on board eMMC, and a 1Ghz CPU for ~ half the price.

The original Beagleboard though seems to have DSP’s, and IVA2.2 accelerated graphics( which I know nothing about ). I do also seem to recall that the beagleboard processor could be overclocked to 1Ghz, but that probably was not / is not supported. Meaning if you fry the processor, you’re on your own.

Anyway, all the specs seem to be on that wiki page so you can easily look it up for yourself.

Oh, and a “big” difference. It seems the original Beagleboard had no networking interface ? I missed that. The beaglebone black has MII based faster ethernet.

My guess though, is that if you did not need the DSP(seems to be a single, and not a dual ). The Beaglebone black could be used in it’s place. It really depends on what you plan on doing I suppose, and there is a lot I’m sure I do not know about the Original Beaglebone. Such as it seems it has some sort of camera interface ?

But what’s more, there is also the Beaglebone green, that is very close to the Beaglebone black, except it has no on board HDMI framer, and has two grove connectors. Which seems to sell for ~$10USD less.