Hi Everyone!

  I've been quietly working on W.A.L.T.E.R.'s new brain. I have code for an
Arduino (will be a RoboDuino) that accepts ASCII text based commands and
returns results such as sensor readings, handles a pan/tilt with two
sensors (pan/tilt code to be written), reads analog pins, and reads
pulses from digital pins. This code is working perfectly and I can easily
expand it to add more commands and activities. I still have to add the
scanning code for the pan/tilt.

  Now I am working on the code that will run on Beagle, written in Python.
I will have to get another Beagle so I can have one on W.A.L.T.E.R. and
still have one to develop and test with separately because there is so
much I want to do and experiment with. Right now, my Beagle is set to
boot Android 2.1 (0xDroid Eclair) from NAND if there is no SD card
inserted, or from the SD Card if one is present. I am having some
difficulty getting my Python script to receive characters from the
Arduino, but am sure I will get it figured out.


I've found reading with pyserial from
a freeduino that a readline before you
do anything else seems to prime the
pump. It's like there's some cruft in
the buffer.


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