BeagleConnect anyone?

Is this project still active? From what I’ve read I quite like the idea…a sort of “ESPHome” concept? Would that be a decent way to sum it up?

I gather the idea was to use proper Beagles as the “hub / gateways” and then use some unnamed “Connect”-device as the nodes? The project mentions that the nodes may cost just a few dollars each, therefore I take it most A-series boards wouldn’t be a good fit, so what chipset was planned for that MSP? Tiva? CC3000?

It is definitely still going. Picked up some steam lately and good chance you’ll see some news in the next few weeks.

I don’t know ESPHone. It enables long-range wireless sensor/actuator/indicator access from any Linux computer.

Yes, BeagleConnect devices are meant to be nodes. We’ve been using TI CC1352 devices with M4 cores with software configurable radios.

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I also saw another post on this forums. @jkridner showed some ideas that are relevant to the project.

@BarryBeagle, I have some part and though it is a small part, I still am trying to make something of it. Slowly and surely. If you search for beagleconnect on this forums, there is another post.


P.S. If you get bored and have the TI cc1352 dev. board, it may help one day if you plan on supporting the nodes category of Beagle Connect. I think the boards discussed, these add on nodes, are MikroBus type nodes so far. They have many boards for use and hopefully, from my perspective, this build takes some form or fashion.

If you are interested, there is a forum on the slack channels. I go to #general a lot to view and look for new chats, ideas, and to give opinions (no matter how antiquated).

Very interesting @silver2row and @jkridner I just found this cool looking kit on Mouser: LPSTK-CC1352R

Looks like the perfect platform for a node as its already in a case with an antenna w/ a nice collection of sensors attached. I’m going to pick one up since you can never have too many these toys…

Hello @BarryBeagle ,

I found that one too. It should get you prepared for WPAN, GreyBus, and the other protocols that this Connect can handle…


P.S. Toys are nice. I was once heard, “The man w/ the most toys, wins!” Ha. Anyway, if you get bored or want to relay ideas… I think it is safe to say you can post.

Yes, that does look cool, just ordered a couple of them.