BeagleConnect Freedom documentation issue

I’m having difficulty locating information for the BeagleConnect Freedom. I’m unsure if I’m using the right link.
I’ve gone to this URL: Quick Start Guide — BeagleBoard Documentation

However, everything in this quick-start location is labelled “To do”.
I’ve tried connecting the BCF to my PC anyway, to see if I can figure it out, since it supports MicroPython. However, in Windows, I see that the driver is not loaded (indicated in Device Manager). So, I can’t proceed with it at all, because I have no idea what driver it is expecting.

Where can I find information on the board? Have the boards been sold too early or something? I’m prepared to wait for the documentation to be ready (if it isn’t already somewhere that I’ve not discovered), however what’s the approximate timeline?

Many thanks!

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Hey @shabaz1, I can confirm that BeagleConnect is not recognized properly in Windows. We are currently working on finding a solution for this problem, please hang tight.

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I have the same issue. I tried to connect to Windows, but driver is not load. I tried to plug in the Linux Box (Ubuntu 22.04) and I still not see it work either. Is there an instruction how to use the BeagleConnect with Linux PC? I have 2 BeagleConect and would like to connect to 2 different PC and see the communication between 2 BeagleConnect .

Hi @lorforlinux , You said it not work properly in Windows. What’s about Linux? Can you get the BeagleConnect Freedom work with Linux box(Ubuntu/Fedora/Centos)? Any instruction how to get it run on Linux PC would be appreciate.