BeagleConnect Freedom is unable to connect to a WiSUN network.

Hi All,

I am running the ns_br and ns_node examples (WiSUN Border router and Node) on a BeaglePlay and a BeagleConnect Freedom correspondingly, I am also using the LPSTK CC135R as node.

My problem is that my BeagleConnect even with the ns_br or ns_node codes I can’t establish a connection.

I am running the ns_br example in a BeaglePlay and everuthing works fine, I even have a couple of nodes connected to it, but when I start the BeagleConnect, it fails to establish the link. It always stays in the Authentication part (State 2).

In the same way I have configured my beagleConnect as ns_br and everything works correctly but I can not link any node to the network created by it.

Does anyone else have this problem?

How do you program Beagle Connect Freedom with a TI Wi-SUN firmware?

According to my understanding, the factory firmware of Beagle Connect Freedom is Sub-1GHz but not necessarily Wi-SUN.


I am using the cc1352-flasher tool, I can directly program the CC1352P7 of the BeagleConnect. this is done via UART.

I understand that this script loads the image directly on the CC1352P7 but I may be wrong.

I am also interested in creating a WiSUN border router in the BeagleConnect Fredoom so I would like to know if I am missing something important.

I guess you have to open the enclosure, look for the Jtag TagConnect for that CC1352P7 and programme alternative non-factory firmware.

In order to be 100% accurate, please open a ticket on official TI forum:

Hello Friend,
Are you able to ping your Wi-Sun node from terminal?

In my case, my Wi-SUN router node responds to my ping from within only.
After I exit, start wfantund and wfan0 successfully, my router node never responds to my ping from the terminal
ping6 -I wfan0 your_wisun_node_ipv6

Hi, I sill can’t connect my beaglefreedom to my BeaglePlay using the Texas WiSUN examples, I’m still debugging the problem.