BeaglePlay 10Base-T1L cabling

I would like to get details about the T1L cabling that is expected to be used with the BeaglePlay and its RJ11 connector.

What has been used for testing/validation?

Are there any recommended off-the-shelf pre-made cables? Recommended cable by the spool?

T1L cable from Harting or Belden is extremely expensive (when it can even be found, Belden’s SPE10x don’t even seem to be commercially available) and I’m looking for alternatives. The RJ11 connector is a very interesting solution that I’m excited for!

I’m interested in this too…particularly power delivery and multibus options…

Are there 2-to-1 cables that could be used for multibus network? Otherwise I don’t quite get how it would work on a bus (without including another little junction box of sorts).

Simple twisted pair phone wire works fine. Shielded twisted pair will work even better. Non-twisted phone wire will kinda work over short distances.

Have a look at the ADIN2111; that’s how daisy chaining is done, with 2-port switches :slight_smile:

For PoDL, I haven’t seen a proper controller on the BeaglePlay when I glanced at the schematic. The LTC9111 is a PD controller, the LTC4296-1 (when it’s finally available) is a 5-port PSE controller. AFAIK these are the only solutions “on the market” at the moment. Unless you want to build it yourself, in which case TI has application notes for both the PSE and the PD side, with most of it being an exercise left to the reader. They also have an application note on PoDL splitting for daisy chaining.

Thanks for that link that could be helpful…One downside of the BeaglePlay is no headers, therefore no capes. However maybe there is a Grove, Quik, Mikrobus 10Base-T1L adapter available to serve as the “2nd port”

Cabling questions aside, can 10Base-T1L plug into a stock standard cheapo switch? Because alternative route would be to find something USB powered like this…however that would get ugly during install time trying to figure out how to mount all of that at each drop…


There is a Mikrobus 10Base-T1S click available, but may be slightly pricey…

There are very few off-the-shelf T1L switches; they are all industrial devices, with the price tag to match, and the availability. Sorry for the lack of links, even though I’ve looked at a couple of them in detail, I can’t find them with a quick search.

All in all it’s still pretty early for SPE, at least outside the industrial and automotive niches, which is where the money is. COVID and chip shortage certainly slowed things down too, on the SPoE side things at least.

I’m building my own solution for everything given the lack of suitable off-the-shelf options at decent prices. The BeaglePlay landed at just the right time to have a third-party device to validate against.

Thanks for the updates, will wait for things to mature a bit before going that route.

For my application, daisy-chaining via T1S would be preferred anyway (we are already are running on a 485 network). But this obviously T1S is a non-starter right now.

In theory CAN would be a possibility as well - and probably more supported at this point. Its just the promise is making everything “ethernet” is pretty exciting.