Beagleplay graphics

Is the TI SGX graphics package compatible with Beagleplay? If so, what version do you recommend?

It’s not usable on xorg yet… (needs wayland and friends) so best option is the ti yocto sdk…

For debian/xorg…

Weekly builds of xfce: Index of /rootfs/debian-arm64-12-bookworm-xfce-mainline

With daily builds of mesa: · main · / ci-mesa-main · GitLab

and watching ‘pvr’ changes: mesa/mesa - The Mesa 3D Graphics Library (mirrored from

Right now (today 2024-03-13) the version of vulkan behind the pvr driver in mainline mesa is not good enough for zink to render opengl desktop…


I’m already well down the path with Buildroot. I found an open source repo that allowed me to get much further with getting the UI up & running I need, so I may not need to go down the sgx path after all. Thanks for the update and links, I’ll get caught up on what you’re up to.

I found some info on TI website, they have a WebKitGTK2.4X download for AM62x. Have you looked into this download at all?

The Buildroot webkit repository I found online will not work for Beagleplay, unfortunately. So now my dilemma is do I abandon what I’ve done so far to use ti-yocto-sdk or try using Mesa that is available with Buildroot (unless you think I need to use the mesa you have posted in a prior message). I don’t need a full blown desktop, I just need to bring up networking and display so that I can support a react-based UI on a touch-screen LCD. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

non-gpu acceleration works fine, if you want acceleration right you have to use ti’s yocto bsp gpu stuff…