BeaglePlay JTAG

Seem like a good place to ask this. Here is what I am trying to accomplish. Using a Segger J-Link I would like to download code to either the Flash or SRAM via JTAG to a BeaglePlay. I have tried this before with the Ti Hercules family which also has ECC memory but it fails since the image that I downloaded does not have the necessary ECC info. Ti solves this with CCS but I would prefer not use that tool.

Question, is there a stand-alone utility which will convert a .bin file to a .bin-ecc file which can be downloaded via JTAG?

Question, or is there a way to disable the ECC mechanism during debugging on the BeaglePlay?

a) AM62x is on a different process node and is different architecture from hercules, it has no on chip flash.
b) There is no ECC scheme to handle during jtag load of sram or DDR for that matter - the AM62x series is straight download and run. jtag connects to the processor and writes to the memories required. if you do a ecc priming, you do that from the processor or dma perspective.
c) openOCD supports beagleplay. Docs: openocd is functional (documentation) on AM62x (#59) · Issues · BeaglePlay / beagleplay · GitLab for example.