Beagleplay kernel will not boot, falls back to eMMC

I am getting the following errors when I try to boot via SD card, using kernel v 6.6.3 from kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git - Linux kernel source tree, v6.1.46-ti-arm64-r13 from, and v6.1.69-ti-arm64-r24 from I’ve attached a screen shot of the kernel init.

Am I missing a patch or something?

I see nothing wrong in the attached screen shot. It’s booting from the eMMC, we’d have to look at how you setup the microSD

So the errors I’m seeing are coming from eMMC init. I looked further back at uboot itself. It seems it doesn’t like the SD card contents. So I did an experiment. I took an SD card that was programmed using a WIC file for the SK-AM62 Rev B dev board. I copied the beagleplay uboot images to the SD boot partition, then copied the Beagleplay rootfs (from my buildroot build) to the root partition, then copied the kernel “Image” and “k3-beagleplay.dtb” files to boot partition & root/boot. It came right up with the SD image.

The big difference is that the SK-AM62 SD card has an EFI directory in boot. Where do I get the grub boot loader for Beagleplay (or MLO or extlinux) to program onto my SD card?

We don’t use grub, instead u-boot’s native extlinux.conf support… the variations of that file can be found here… bb-u-boot-beagleplay-debian-12/suite/bookworm/debian · main · / repos-arm64 · GitLab

On Mobile so I can’t type out which directory those are saved local… / opt /uboot / beagleplay

I’m not a big fan of grub either, but that’s what TI-SDK uses for their yocto build. Thanks for the link!

Finally got it to boot from microSD using extlinux, thanks for the help!