BeaglePlay memory is DDR4 or LPDDR4?

In reviewing the Beagle Play specifications on the official website, it indicates that the main memory is DDR4 (BeaglePlay® - BeagleBoard). However, upon examining the dtsi file available in the documentation repository (configurations/ddr-config/k3-am62x-sk-ddr4-1600MTs_beagleplay_pb.dtsi · main · BeaglePlay / beagleplay · GitLab), it reveals a memory frequency of 800MHz, a more typical speed for LPDDR4 memories. Can someone confirm whether the Beagle Play’s main memory is indeed DDR4 or LPDDR4?


1600 M/Ts = 800MHz

Side note: The AM625 only supports up to 800MHz. The memory chip supports up to 1600MHz. So the BeaglePlay is only able to run the memory at half the rated speed of the memory chip.