Beagleplay SD-Card boot fail

Can anyone tell me how to use the SD-card to boot the Beagleplay, after using different SD-cards and image files for many times, it still fails to boot, and the buffer I/O error keeps appearing Can anyone tell me how to use the SD-card to boot the play, after using different as-cards and image files for many times, it still fails to boot, and the buffer I/O error keeps appearing

What image are you using?

And how are you flashing the SD card? I recommend balenaEtcher

please paste this error message…


Yeah, it just doesn’t like your card…

Please try this newer build:

To get the full effect of this ^ image, you’ll need a usb-serial adapter plugged into the UART header, as u-boot does have a menu for ‘other’ options…

  • place microSD into BeaglePlay
  • plug in power
  • hit “pwr” so the first led turns on
  • Hold both USR and RESET
  • Let go of RESET
  • Let go of USR

U-Boot menu should pop-up over serial, select “micro to eMMC flasher” option…



the link doesnt seems to be working

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It got tagged as part of the monthly snapshot: ARM64 - Debian 12.x (Bookworm) - Monthly Snapshots - 2023-09-02


This does not work. It seems to be locked into the emmc boot.

BeaglePlay eMMC Boot Options
1:	BeaglePlay Recovery
2:	BeaglePlay disable BCFSERIAL
3:	Linux eMMC (default)

Selected option 1 assuming it was for SD and that does not change to SD.

Nope all three of those are for eMMC… Use and use the reset usr button sequence…

All we use is RPI imager and it has not had a problem, yet. Cannot use balena.

I did and that did not work.

It will start to boot in am62 evm

U-Boot SPL 2023.04-ge80134b56d (Jul 17 2023 - 23:34:57 +0000)
SYSFW ABI: 3.1 (firmware rev 0x0009 '9.0.5--v09.00.05 (Kool Koala)')
SPL initial stack usage: 13376 bytes
Trying to boot from MMC2
Warning: Detected image signing certificate on GP device. Skipping certificate to prevent boot failure. This will fail if the image was also encrypted

Is this an issue with HS / GP and the tiboot3.bin?

We had clarity on this last week, hs builds won’t work/boot on GP devices.


The meta-ti must have been changed to HS, a while back I was using a Yocto image on the board and it would boot.

Just a side, the whole GP/HS has been much confusion… Initially everyone at TI we’ve talked to, yeah should be fine, use HS on GP… (while I’ve been looking at failure of HS to boot) Any-who we had a meeting with one of TI’s top developers just last week… Yeah, HS won’t boot on GP, as GP doesn’t have the key’s to unlock HS binary…


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Went through that a few months ago with the AM64. We ended up using a competitors product, I don’t need headaches especially when I am on the buying side.

This all came about because I was trying to put together a yocto for some one on the forum that was not having much luck at getting their networking up.

The other part that really bites with TI is the fact they recently sold me the AM62 EVM board with a GP and they knew that it was going to be obsolete. The am64 evm (s) we have are marked HS and they don’t boot on GP or HS… Thank you for sharing the info.