BeaglePlay: SGX drivers for OpenGL?

I’m looking for OpenGL drivers for the PowerVR GPU on BeaglePlay, but there doesn’t seem to a good source of information about these. Can anyone point at right location how to get them?

Hi @Michal.Fita right now, “OpenGL ES” driver are available from ti in their yocto build, and we have a blobs enable, but it’s under EGL/wayland only.

We are really close with a mainline solution using mesa with a full Vulkan stack in a few months…

On the BeaglePlay, the display works on mainline, we just need Imagination’s DRM patch set ( [PATCH v6 00/20] Imagination Technologies PowerVR DRM driver - Sarah Walker ) to finally get merged, then the mesa ‘winsys’ driver (waiting on DRM merge) to be finished…


Thanks for quick reply.
What we’re looking for are drivers that would let us run own shaders (computing kernels) on GPU as now it looks like there’s some emulation happening. I understand the work you mentioned has to happen first for the full OpenGL ES experience to materialize. Am I right?

If Yocto works, maybe that’s what we should try… do you have links at hand to right metalayers?

Also note that currently:

  • PowerVR Vulkan has a runtime dependency on X11
  • PowerVR GLES/EGL does not have a dependency on X11
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