BeaglePlay Startup Issues USB login

I cannot for the life of me get into my BeaglePlay. I have tried and …6.2 and …8.2 and I have reloaded the ‘latest’ OS off of the website. Three times [with different OSs]

The latest one…
BeaglePlay 11.8 2023-10-07 10GB eMMC Xfce Flasher

Any advice would be helpful.


Best results run native Debian or Ubuntu host.

Check that your USB C Cable is suitable for data transfer. Some just do power.

Actually wasn’t sure, got a new one I know is fit for purpose, still nothing. I can’t seem to access my beagleplay

run native Debian or Ubuntu host? I am using the latest linux mint…
I tried to ping both, ‘destination not reachable’

Ok I finally got in.
4th attempt
Waited for shutdown after flashing emmc OS…did the trick