BeaglePlay - Using the Single Pair Ethernet / RJ11 Port

This is my first time seeing Single Pair Ethernet. After looking into it further, it appears this is intended as point to point only? Is there any way to use this with on a regular TCP/IP network? I have a need for a device that has both a local and a public connection, and the X15 seems to be perpetually sold-out.

There are companies that sell 10Base-T1L media adapters that convert to standard 10/100 Ethernet. So in theory it can be plugged into a normal switch using such adapter…

There is cousin of this tech known as 10Base-T1S which is multi-drop (multiple devices on a bus). However TI’s chip doesnt support this, which is unfortunate as I think having multi-drop ethernet for these types of devices would be big improvement.

When we ordered the board I failed to read all the details and it “looked” like it has 2 Ethernet ports. Not sure if the 2 wire can be converted to four, the other way around would work.

Thanks kind Internet stranger! I was trying to search for single pair Ethernet media adapters, and having no luck. Using 10Base-T1L as a search term revealed a potential solution from Arrow. Our plan is to give that a try. Thanks again!