Beagleplay wpan1/lowpan0 wpan-ping not working.

Is anyone else able to ping or communicate in any way over lowpan/wpan on the Beagleplay? Should wpan-ping be expected to work here?

I’m following these instructions: Wireless MCU Zephyr Development — BeagleBoard Documentation

I have the wpanusb driver loading, and ifconfig shows lowpan0 and wpan1 devices with ipv6 addresses. I see two main differences in my output, compared to the instructions. My device always comes up as wpan1, not wpan0. iwpan dev shows both wpan0 and wpan1, but wpan0 has what looks like default values. The second difference is that I don’t have a global ipv6 address on lowpan0. The instructions highlight this global address as an indication of success.

Running wpan-ping -d gives an error: bind: No such device. This is failing to bind to a socket. This didnt change when I told it about wpan1, as it defaults to wpan0.

I also have a Nordic nrf52840 dk board running the Zephyr wpanusb example, connected to a linux machine running the wpanusb kernel driver from here: GitHub - jadonk/wpanusb: IEEE802.15.4 over USB Linux kernel driver This set up also gives me a wpan0 and lowpan0, with a global ipv6 address in lowpan0.

Running wpan-ping -d on this setup gets through the socket creation/binding, and waits for incoming packets.