BeaglePocket SD specs


Just about to buy a PocketBeagle - ideal device to set up an record data from a Bosch BME280 on a weather balloon.

One question, you say that the SD interface will accept most cards, but what speed does it run to. E.g can it run a UHS-1 speeds? I see has only has 4 data lines to the SD socket - so I guess it can't do any higher than UHS-1.

Thanks in advance.


P.S. I'll probably develop Arm Arch on it, so aim to get adopted by Arm Arch.

P.P.S. One question though - notice the linux kernel doesn't contain a device tree for the board. Now I can probably do the device tree, as the board is so simple. But guess you have one already? Any chance of a copy? And will you flow it upline?