BeagleRT for GSOC-15

I’d recommend spending some time double checking that this statement is true Kiran:

With Preempt-RT patch, currently it is not possible to apply full preemption, due to some limitations probably induced by cape-mgr. We can look at that.

I have my doubts and you may need to find some other focus. Feel free to follow (sort of) this guide to compile the RT kernel.

I was wondering this too, so I just pushed out an "rt" version of the
v3.14.x-ti kernel:

It build/boots with: CONFIG_PREEMPT_RTB=y on the beaglebone black.

CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT_FULL will need patches in remoteproc sub directory..

Ps, all three kernels can easily be tested too now:

mainline: CONFIG_PREEMPT=y



If you don't want to build them, they are aslo in the repo:

sudo apt-cache search linux-image | grep ti

the rt: varient will be pushed out in the next build..


Hey all,

I want to know where I can find more about the bugs present in the RT and xenomai patched kernels affecting BBB.

Muthu Kumaran M