Hey Yogi,

Thanks for reaching out. A Xenomai hacker is welcome. Would you like siding with us to mentor BeagleRT?

I spoke with Jason Kridner (BeagleBoard’s GSOC administrator) about my idea of setting up a set of tests (using cyclictests and stress) to check the realtimeliness of the BBB. He wanted a change into the proposal i dropped towards something more goal oriented such as fixing RT bugs for PREEMPT_RT.

I’ve worked quite a bit with vanilla, PREEMPT and PREEMPT_RT but don’t feel so comfortable with Xenomai.


Hi Victor -

That actually sounds fitting, since I am trying to figure out what the RT comparison of PREEMPT_RT vs Xenomai - but have never touched PREEMPT or PREEMPT_RT.

Developing a test suite would be ideal and useful for almost any RT user - so let me know how you think I can help.

Yogi A. Patel

Yogi and SId,

I won’t be able to mentor BeagleRT (dead busy :() so i removed myself from the Ideas page. Would you guys be willing to mentor someone pushing BeagleRT?
If so the project proposal might be kept alive.



I am pretty much interested in working over this project this summer. I have worked a bit over patching Linux kernel 2.6.38 with Xenomai patch for one of the PowerPC targets. Although I haven’t worked over the PREEMPT_RT patches, but I am eager to get myself going this summer over this project.


There are a number of open source realtime benchmarking tools available. In addition to Brown’s approach, I think the guidelines available at might be useful as well.

I think Steve ‘nerdboy’ might be looking to mentor something around BeagleRT.