Beaglescript via web

I saw your slide presentation on OSCON.hml, but tried in vain to find out how to exactly code the file so it is a web page that turns on and off the blinking USR3. If you could give me some guidance on exactly how to code this up, I can take it from there.

FYI, I don’t answer support questions without having in copy. I’ve kept you in BCC for now and would prefer if you followed-up with the list in copy.

Do you know how to use git and Linux or are those new? You’ll likely want to update your Bonescript by issuing a ‘git pull’. You can do that from within the Cloud9 IDE (

I’m currently working on making the examples easier, but the easiest place to start is to go into the /var/lib/cloud9/bone101 directory (bone101 folder under Cloud9 IDE) and copy/rename/edit digitalWrite.html ( to be what you want.