BeagleTroll Box: a nice enclosure for our Beagleboard-xM

Hi! Me and my friend have designed a thin box for the Beagleboard-xM

The funny thing is that we feature a magnet-based closing system, so
it's really easy to access the board anytime.


Hope you like it, guys! :slight_smile:

You link isn’t working for me. Could you double check it?


Remove the closing url tag [\url]
Nice Work pioj.

nice work… may be you guys can sell a working design at at a low price.

Nice work!
I made mine out of a CD case:

Sweet, I’m gonna carve one up from some acyrlic I have on my cnc. Without the chance to open atm, what’s the height?

Ok guys! Our design is finished at last, and you can print you box
right now:


[u]Changes from previous designs:[/u]
- Extra thin! Now it will be cheaper to print!
- Now with buttons included!
- More TrollScience inspired! Moar magnetz!!

Any chance you can post a link that is not at the end of the Thingiverse?


Much better! Very nice job!


We're looking for a better name for the case. Wanna help us? :slight_smile:

Dog house. :stuck_out_tongue: