BeagleV-Ahead and Heatsinks... Does Anyone Know what may be available to this day?


Just a hardware thing here. The stand-offs are truly smart. I am glad that was a part to have on the board, i.e. BeagleV-Ahead. Also, I see booting takes a PSU outside of the USB Port. I am even using USB micro-AB from the BeagleV-Ahead to a USB-C ending into the host. Anyway, I could be wrong but this is what is working on my current target-host config (hardware related)…

Outside of those ideas and the board booting into Yocto as root@MY_IP_ADDRESS, what specific heatsink, if any, may be available and where can I get one…

Slowly, I am researching more on this NPU and GPU. I find things. Researching ideas on the board comes back w/ few but plenty ideas.

I found that the TH1520/c910 had a round of popularity w/ a known laptop. Seems odd to me but whatever…

If this combinational SoC, BeagleV-Ahead has that much “torque,” good. Blazing through particular hardware instances is always a good time.


P.S. Now, if anyone seems to find a good heatsink, please reply. I sure could at least try to make sure this board does not overheat and cause me to harass anyone else… Fans!

Hi, I am using a small heatsink set meant for Raspberry Pi.
The heatsink temperature reached 48 degrees Celsius max while compiling Mesa.
Attached is a picture of the installed heatsinks


nice base plate, where did ya get it?