BeagleV-Ahead and Testing Specific Source on the Processors...GNU


I am trying to figure out how exactly the C/C++ compilers are going to interpret my source when typing up source in C/C++ for the BeagleV-Ahead.

So far, I have come to understand a bit…

Now, that is for gcc for compilation time. Would I need to set the ABI at all if putting forth Risc-V source via C/C++?

I am not even sure if I am makin’ sense right now. I read and get hints only.

So, hints and my comprehension of hints are a bit discouraging so far…

  1. Oh! The debug cable CP2102 works well for the BeagleV-Ahead.
  2. And…the debug cable for the BeagleV-Fire I found, also works on the BeagleV-Ahead. Probably, both have the Silicon Labs chipset on them…guessing here!

So, in hindsight, RISC-V may be what I desire for programming these days but I need to understand more.

Are there any groups around the BeagleV-Ahead showing promise of disclosing any data involving this four-core board?


P.S. Anyway, let this brother know! See, this is what I think. Without particular commands at compilation time or within a Makefile, I am leaving out very important data to compile into the source desired.

For instance, did people at make it so that when I compile C/C++ source on the board itself, no compiler data or linkage is needed?

For another instance, I see here, Compiling C/C++ Code for RISC-V , there is a good explanation of what should take place when compiling…

Is this institution allowing simplistic programming techniques without the need for compiler flags and toolchain specifics for the specified BeagleV-Ahead? Testing will ensue!

I don’t have that board, however we have been testing and evaluating bing’s chat bot for accuracy and bias.
It might help some times, just be aware they have bias and use funneling, accuracy is dependent upon where they scrape the “answer”…

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