BeagleV Ahead IO

I am really tempted to buy the BeagleV. It would be my first toy of this kind after the Raspberry Pi 3B. What scares me though is the lack of USB ports - there is only one? How do people manage, with an external hub? Do you have a particular hub permanently attached to the board, and if so which one? If you keep the board in an enclosure, is the hub also inside? I’d love to have a few examples to work from.



I don’t have a BV however, 1 USB is fine using a hub. Typically we use the linux port or SSH, if it is a desktop a wireless usb mouse and keyboard combo work fine.

unless your interesting in helping to bootstrap a new architecture RISC-V, lots of things need work… This TH1520 had a limited number of USB ports, so the same port you program with also ends being a host with a proper cable (that’s included)…