BeagleV Ahead Linux Kernel Source


I am trying to find Linux kernel source for BeagleV-Ahead. Based on the output of “uname -a” I need to find this version of the source “Linux BeagleV 5.10.113-g52fbe8443ea1-dirty”. I have been unable to find the source so far (I want to build perf and patch the kernel). Along the same lines, how can I update the kernel version on the BeagleV-Ahead board? I have done this with a raspberry pi, but I am struggling to figure out how to do this on the beagle board. Any advice would be appreciated.


The source code for content relating to bealgev-ahead can be found here

Thanks for the pointer! I’ve gone through the process of patching the source as I need. I started with the 5.10.113. The only way I could see to update the kernel on the board was to reflash the board using This flashes all partitions however. I am trying to move to the 6.6.x branch of the xuantie-ubuntu repo. I would like to not have to flash all partitions. Looking inside the script I tried to simply flash the boot partition, but it doesn’t seem to do anything (uname -a on the board doesn’t change).

Any tips?

Can you share the steps you went through to to update the kernel version?

The method I have found to work (reflashing the entire board) simply required me to pull down xuantie-ubuntu repo ( and then walk through all seven scripts contained within. This method of course reflashes all partitions, which is a bit painful. I was hoping doing all scripts but script seven and then running “fastboot flash boot ./deploy/boot.ext4” would update the kernel version, but that didn’t work.