beagleV-ahead only working under certain conditions?

i have installed ubuntu into the board, and it just seems to work when certain boot conditions are met, and im going to enumerate them, 1. dont have any sd into it 2. its connected with an hdmi to a monitor (even sometimes it just dont have any kind of image in it, it just need it for some reason, but even when its not providing any image im capable of connecting via ssh something i cannot do when its not connected) and 3. it has to be connected from my pc usb port, if i connect it from any other power source it just dont work and i dont know, because when all of this conditions are met i can use it normally (i think)

can you provide which ubuntu image you’re using?

I don’t know about the rest of your conditions, but I’ve run Ubuntu on mine when powered from the barrel jack. (In fact, I have to: I wasn’t able to power it through a USB hub and still have it see a keyboard and mouse connected to that hub.)