BeagleV-Ahead U-Boot custom bootcommand issue


I am using the beagleboard BeagleV-Ahead U-Boot (BeagleV-Ahead / beaglev-ahead-u-boot · GitLab), branch beaglev-v2020.01-1.1.2-ubuntu, and I want to use a custom bootcommand. I therefore add the following parameters to the light_beagle_defconfig:


After applying the defconfig (make light_beagle_defconfig), I can clearly see those parameters getting set in the .config, exactly as I specified them. However, when I boot u-boot (by flashing the u-boot-with-spl.bin onto an SD card and press the SD button during a power cycle, see also here: BeagleV-Ahead automatic SD card boot) and then execute printenv, the real bootcmd is unchanged! My custom boot command does not get applied.

Am I doing something wrong here? Do I need to set other config parameters?

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many things are hard-coded in board/thead/light-c910/light.c


Hello Robert,

thanks, I will then have a more detailed look into that file. I actually already inserted own env_set("bootcmd", "..."); code there to forcefully overwrite the boot command. Is it planned to refactor the code, such that the settings become configurable again?