BeagleV-Ahead ubuntu

Here is the BeagleV-Ahead running Ubuntu 23.04…


P.S. The scripts work. This is nice. Once I booted this image, I have been unable to fasten a new image to the eMMC just yet.

Do you think one would have to erase the image on the USB booted image and then proceed to install another image?

No, just hold the “USB” button and toggle reset again… This places the bootloader in Android Fastboot mode…



Okay. Thank you.

Hello @RobertCNelson ,

Seth here. As you may recall, I am trying to build an Armbian Distro for the BeagleV-Ahead. I figured I would keep trying…

At one point, you said something like I would need a separate rootfs and a u-boot-with-spl.bin file. I think this is how you explained it to me.

Right now, I have the .img file but I have separated the rootfs and u-boot-with-spl.bin file for booting.

I am just making sure, outside of forking the xuantie-ubuntu repo, I can port it somehow. Do you think it is feasible and do you think separating a rootfs and u-boot-with-spl.bin files are all I would need to move forward?


P.S. The board works well so far. I can use your scripts to build and make things work. I can update, upgrade, and get online (of course), and then booting w/ fastboot is easy now. Still, @Nishanth_Menon mentioned getting Armbian support and I jumped in. I did not think it would be so complicated.


I know in Armbian, I can just build the rootfs and headers if necessary. The questions I have are mostly general now and dedicated to if the two separate files are needed only outside of using fastboot.

Another Update

If you are a person that is interested in RISC-V and the Beagle-V Ahead, please try to reply w/ ideas around Armbian: MikeTwo.txt for Armbian -

That link shows my error so far in the build of the image(s) for Armbian support on the Beagle-V Ahead.

I can build the riscv64 images as an .img file but there are differences that need to take place, i.e. hence my stance on building w/ the Makefile from w/in the xuantie-ubuntu repo online.

So, if you know what I am doing incorrectly w/in Armbian and making Makefile availabilities there in the files, please jump in.

Nope, that’s not what I said in discord chat.

Just look at the scripts in the repo, 3 separate projects are built and there are two specific partitions created. A boot and rootfs partition. What goes into both partition is defined in the scripts.

You wanted to jump into armbian, I’ve got my own rootfs generator that works pretty reasonable.


### clean_deprecated_mountpoints.log 
--> (13) INFO: artifact [ uboot :: uboot() ]
### artifact_prepare_version.log 
--> (13) INFO: Producing new & caching [ GIT_INFO_UBOOT ]
--> (13) INFO: Fetching SHA1 of 'branch' 'refs/heads/master' [ ]
--> (13) INFO: SHA1 of branch refs/heads/master [ '03ea3f084cd9fa50b39a6d4c99efecd5e49a55fb' ]
--> (14) ERROR: error! [ Unable to parse Makefile version '0' from body '# Makefile for building around Armbian and Xuantie-Ubuntu repos...

So in the u-boot building section of armbian you just plugged in my main project repo?. instead of the the actual u-boot repo? the one listed right here? and branch listed right here: (branch: beaglev-v2020.01-1.1.2 )

My scripts were never designed to be just used with armbian… You need to translate the relevant information for OpenSBI, u-boot, and kernel branches…


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Yes Sir,

I was not understanding what you mentioned in discord. Now, I get it. What is in rootfs and boot are not necessarily just an image and a u-boot build. Okay. Do not get me wrong. Your scripts work. I am not upset or beside myself over the builds.

And yes sir, I plugged in my repo which is a clone. The cloned repo. uses a Makefile to build everything from 01 to 06.


P.S. I will keep trying. Maybe if other people are using Armbian or remember their, the Armbian, ways of building a full build, they can jump in for now. I know already that you know how to build better than me…

I am not confronting you or saying my way is better. I figured since I jumped at the idea, I could finally finish an example on my own (w/ help). Ha. Anyway, yes sir. The repo. is from your repo. and the repos on and/or github. I am slowly working w/ the Armbian people right now to configure why my Makefile is not working when it totally compiles everything you have built and made so far.


I built the OpenSBI too but I am not using it for now. At first, I decided to try to install specific files in specific locations in my clone of the xuantie-ubuntu repo made by you and Then, when I figured there was more to it, I erased my build and the steps. Next, I cloned the repo. again.

Now, since Armbian is complaining about not finding a Makefile in my build, I made one, tested it, and then ported it to the Armbian .csc files for building an image around the BeagleV-Ahead.

That is the last error I mentioned in the pastebin site I listed. A lot of back and forth. I know.

Okay…now I am starting to find the differences in build, compile, bash, shell, and configure. Oh and make too. They are very similar but have their own ideas that are relevant to the build environment. I feel slow now. Time to read…


Partial to making it work, for whatever reason, I have figured out so far that the Debian Sid is hard to build for now b/c of the way things are situated w/in the files.

I am working on it.


P.S. I am slowly reading the wget rules and finding that the gitlab_runner is something I am unaware of currently. Either way, I get further along in the building when I do not build the desktop version and just try w/ a regular server style Sid Distro.