BeagleV-Ahead with pi camera v2 capturing images

I have been digging into the support for CSI cameras, in particular the pi camera v2 with the yocto image. So far I have managed to get the camera connected and capturing images, albeit in a format I am new too.

To connect the pi camera v2 to the BeagleV-Ahead I am using a pi zero Raspberry Pi Zero Camera Cable which goes from 15 pins on the camera, to 22 pins on the board. You must be careful to ensure pin 1 on both ends is correctly matched. I used references on the web for the camera pin outs, “J1” is clearly marked on the board, and the schematic published for the BeagleV-Ahead board.

To capture images I am using the examples in /usr/share/csi_hal by running.

./cam_demo_simple 0 0 1 0 640 480 1

This outputs a bunch of files with no suffix, these are actually yuv files which you can convert using ffmpeg, I copy these over to my desktop at the moment and convert them as follows:

mv demo_save_img_IMX219_ch0_0_0 demo_save_img_IMX219_ch0_0_0.yuv
ffmpeg -s 640x480 -pix_fmt yuv420p -i demo_save_img_IMX219_ch0_0_0.yuv demo_save_img_IMX219_ch0_0_0.png

These are just some notes from my experiments, still figuring out the image settings and code based on arguments aren’t very intuitive…

Hopefully that helps anyone else hacking away.

If I have done anything incorrect, or you have some suggestions please post them!


RPI V1.0 camera does not work, no video0 found.
IMX219 camera does work
RPI V2.1 NOR appears to work, there are video files generated, but they are all purple.
using cam_demo_ir, there is a core.599 file generated, not sure what it is

will spend some more time with the NOR camera.