BeagleV comparison

Hi for all. Dudes, what are the differences between Sipeed Maixduino K210 and Beagle-V? Anything about software characteristics or do they have only hardware differences?

Thx for your opinions.

Edward C.

Hello Edward, the BeagleV Starlight and the K210-based board are in very different categories. The biggest feature difference would be that the K210 is limited to 8MB SRAM whereas the BeagleV Starlight will have 8GB DDR RAM.

WOW! I’m novice in this topic. Do you know when Beagle-V wil be released for purchase? I’m living in Colombia. Can Beagle-V run TensorFlow, CNN and/or GAN? And, thanks for your explanation.

We are projecting a launch in September but will update as the timeline takes shape. Tensorflow may be possible but the software support for the acceleration is currently under development. We will have more details as it gets closer to launch.

Will there be some sort of case for it??

Will the O/S be Debian?

What’s a good url to follow this?


Hello Ken,

There is not currently a case design but it likely that one will be created for the product launch.

There will be support for Debian and Fedora. Additionally distros should be supported as well.

This forum is best place for updates. You can also view - BeagleV but this forum will have updates as we get closer to launch.

Thanks for your time. and Seeed Studio are working together on the BeagleV, right? Seeed Studio offers matching side panels for the re_computer case for BeagleBone Black, BeagleBone Green and also for Raspberry Pi. Wouldn’t it be possible to offer side panels for BeagleV (and for BeagleBone AI as well)? Personally, I like the metal, plastic and glass housing very much. So perhaps a suitable housing could be offered at the sales launch.

re_computer Case with BeagleBone AI
re_computer Case with BeagleBone AI

re_computer Case wrong side panel BeagleBone AI
re_computer Case with wrong side panel for BeagleBone AI

Yes, Seeed will be manufacturing the BeagleV Starlight for Foundation. Thank you for the suggestion I will bring up the idea of offering a version of this case when it launches later this year.

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