BeagleV-Fire and Update/Upgrade and Updating Gateware from Docs...


Finally…I was able to update/upgrade via apt. For whatever reason, before today I could not update/upgrade via apt on the image.

My foolish self took the initiative to try the gateware install via: sudo apt install

Anyway, everything worked to my surprise. I then tried to update/upgrade via apt… Again, things worked out. Then, I tried:

cd /usr/share/beagleboard/gateware
sudo default

instead of…

cd /usr/share/beagleboard/gateware
. ./ default

What steps should I take to regain access to apt and an IP Address from the Ethernet cable?


Check with your serial port, the mac address might have changed…


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I will test with the serial port.

I checked the ip a of the “WSL 2” instance but notta because I could not sign in without the, https://beaglev.localdomain:9090/, web address.

I had to use http instead of https for whatever reason. I could sign in but not via ssh.