BeagleV-Fire connectors

The connector is a bit generic, is there a better definition so I can see for example which pins have the CAN ports? What is the name of the kernel driver module for the CAN on this device?


The CAN controller pins are not brought out to header in the current gateware (does not mean it cannot be done). Which cape are you planning to use?

So in the original BeagleBone design, we had 2 can pairs…

P9_19 - can0_rx
P9_20 - can0_tx
P9_24 - can1_rx
P9_26 - can1_tx

Here’s one cape design that brought out P9_24/26…

P9_19/P9_20 was always fun, as that pair is also i2c (eeprom), but a few custom capes used them too… (thus ignoring cape eeprom)


I was planning to create my own once I got the documentation.

Thanks, interesting circuit. I didn’t think about using the 74LVC1G7 for my J1708 circuitry. It is like half price of the 2N7001T I don’t use the RS485 driver because I would need to add an inverter and I have a few DS36277 which are designed for J1708. I guess I could use those with the RL78 programmer section as well. I am assuming that the UART4 will be there, what about UART1? I need a UART and a GPIO for J1708 and a UART and GPIO for the RL78 programmer. How different is that Riscv with the lp64d? That is the one I used when I created gentoo for the other Beaglev board.