BeagleV™ update

A quick update - is currently working on two new RISC-V-based boards which will launch at or around the time of Embedded World 2022.

Both boards use different SoC vendors than our initial RISC-V prototype, which was used for a limited beta development program earlier this year. The specific name for each of the new boards is yet to be announced, but they will be launched under the BeagleV™ brand. To clarify, BeagleV™ is the Foundation’s brand for RISC-V-based platforms and is not a specific board.

I will post here when more news is ready to share. Thank you for your interest!


That is awesome!
Looking forward test/promote them.

Maybe its possible to tell already if at least one of those two boards would be compatible with the beaglebone pinout. I would like to start developing (simple) capes for some custom use case . I could then start now with - Capes , test them on a beaglebone black and would later have to customize the software to run on RISC-V instead of having to start over the whole hardware process of creating the cape.

This could be exciting. Are you moving your announcement/launch date to follow the pushed back date for EW? (This announcement was after your post here.)


3 months on - do you have any news to share regarding a RISC-V SBC (hopefully with an open sourced chip design)? Something with a bootable OS?

Is RISC-V past the ‘suitable only for Devs’ phase yet?

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I’m interested in incorporating a BeagleV SBC into my research. I’m quite interested in learning more about the current status of this project. Thanks!