BeagleY-AI cooling - required?


does the BeagleY-AI require cooling, active or passive? Or is it recommended? If yes, which passive or active cooling options are available?


A heatsink is not required for normal operation. If you want to use the rpi5 active cooler, it fits with the same holes and pwm fan connector.

I’m planning to get the active cooler - I want to run long number-crunching jobs on mine.

Thanks! Ok - maybe I’ll just use a Raspi passive heat sink.


I just measured some temperatures with a Hat on top of it (M2.NVME Hat), temperature was wel over 60º Celsius, reaching 70 in some places. Is that OK?

You can measure on-die temps thru:

voodoo@beagley-ai:~$ cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone*/temp

(i have a little fan from that any device sits on when working on it in the lab here…)

65C is fine…

90C is sane, 125C is what TI tests…


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Mine was hitting 74 at idle according to the thermal_zone[0-2]/temp output so I am going to go ahead and order a cooling fan as well.

I got a Rpi5 case and cooler from Wmt (52Pi, Armor Lite V5 Cooler) and it went very well. The board now runs at ~51C according to the output below. The only caveat is that I forgot to remove the microsd card before installing the board in the case and that broke the memory card - I was fortunately back in business after burning a new microsd card with the latest image.

cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone[0-2]/temp