Becoming crazy : which kernel for LCD4 or BB-view cape and OpenGL ES

Well the title says it all… or almost I am on debian

After spending time on torturing my brain and trying to compile kernels, I feel really lost in this linux world.

My aim is to get a system with opengl runing on BBB with LCD cape or BB view cape in order to compile Qt4 or Qt5 with opengl support and tslib.

For now I compiled Qt4 on v3.8.13 without opengl, fine but I need opengl for my project

I compiled v3.13.11, and then SGX in order to get opengl. Thanks to Robert I have openGL es2, so I tried to compile Qt4.8.6 but it yells at me stating pvr2d.h is missing despite of patches.

I tried to boot BBB with this kernel v3.13 and I had black LCD screen… looks like it’s only working with HDMI.
I searched on how to enable LCD cape on this kernel, but did not find anything relevant.
I had a look at devicetree, but it’s gone in this version ! :slight_smile:

Could someone please show me the direction in order to have: LCD cape / bb view + openGL + Qt4/5 with opengl on the BBB ?

Thanks a lot !