Belkin Wireless G USB adapter on Android

Hi, I'm new to beagleboard and android. I'm trying to port android to
the beagleboard and use it for my project development.

I was able to successfully load android to the beagleboard but it
doesn't seem to support my wireless USB adapter.

Has anyone here been able to run wireless USB adapters on the
Any tips on how I can add the drivers to the Android system?

BTW, I have already tried it with ubuntu and angstrom and it works on


can you send me the all the images and file system for booting up the android and ubuntu to beagle board.
you can give link where i can download those files.

for ubuntu, I followed this guide:

for android:

i booted andoid from the procedure link shown below.
for android:

but finally mouse and keyboard are not detected.

can you send steps to install the android on beagle board , i successfully ported angstrom complete in beagle board