Best, most stable distribution with latest PRU-software-support-package and toolchain?

What is the best, most stable distribution with the latest PRU-Software-Support-Package and a ready-to-run IDE?

I don’t have the time or expertise to get Bullseye 5.10.145 running but need to move forward from 4.19.

We believe the PRUSSP and toolchain in 4.19 have some bugs costing us time and performance, and we think more recent versions would help with this problem.

I have been using CCS11.2.0 on Ubuntu 22.04 to generate my pru object code “dht22-sensor.out” and then uploading to my BBB Kernel version 4.19.94-ti-r42.

I have now upgraded to bullseye 5.10.145-ti-r55 and get a rash of kernel errors. Starting with:
Internal Error: Ooops: 5 [@1] PREEMPT SMP ARM
Process irq/155-remotep (pid:1091, state limit = 0xd87aa2b)

Have you incountered this?

Hi @klindsayjr TI has altered the PRU-software-support-package for each kernel release. If you upgrade from 4.19.x-ti → 5.10.x-ti you also need to update the TI PRU build libraries…

To fix you issue, downgrade to 4.19.x-ti and your old pru project will work again…

sudo apt update
sudo apt install
sudo apt remove --purge
sudo reboot


I have no /dev/rpm_msg30 and /dev/remoteproc. Is their something else I need to do. Also I would like to have all my BBB’s using the latest kernels including my BBAI64. The other option I have is to reinstall the 4.19 Buster SD image that I had previously before upgrading to 5.10 Bullseye.

Rebuild against 6.0+ of: Gitweb @ Texas Instruments - Open Source Git Repositories - - pru-software-support-package/pru-software-support-package.git/summary

for 5.10.x support with ti’s remoteproc-pruss setup…