Best OS for driver programming

Can anyone say which is the best OS for programming drivers for BeagleBoneBlack device. Also can anyone suggest which toolchain is best suitable for programming.

They all pretty much have the same GCC toolset. It simplifies the job a bit to have the most up-to-date kernel, so I would recommend Robert’s Debian, which works well with 3.13.

Robert's release based on Debian Jessie for driver programming.

The upside is that kernel and tool chain are newer. This can be useful
because there have been rapid and significant advance in the ARM

The down side is that things have changed since many of the existing
tutorials and howtos have been written. Things don't always work as

Your mileage may vary, but I have found using the setup Derek Molloy
describes at
to be very effective. I allows one to rapidly switch back and forth
between OS's for testing on the BeagleBone while keeping all project
code centrally located on one's primary development machine.