Beyond 1GHz Cortex-A8 and 512MB DDR3 RAM

I realize that most folks are doing specialized hardware projects with BBB, BB, and BB-Xm. I haven’t bought anything yet. I’d like to use a Beagle product as a low-cost bare-bones Linux ARM development and testing system (E.g. Xubuntu “armhf” releases). I would be willing to pay more than $45 for a little more oomph, based on my experience using the MK802+ (Cortex-A8 and 1GB RAM - double the RAM of the current BBB).

Anyone know of plans to employ the multi-core ARM Cortex-A15 or the new ARMv8-A processors in future versions?
Ditto for increasing RAM?
Maybe a parallel product to the others?

I realize that going to newer architecture CPUs and adding more RAM increases

  • cost of R&D investment
  • cost of manufacturing
  • board heat dissipation


We are working on plans for the next offering from Nothing is set at this time.

As to doubling the RAM on the BeagleBone Black,no plans at this time.


while it's a different project you might look at pandaboard as well.

"custom one offs" being easily available likely depends upon just how
custom you want to get and how much money you have. I can say I once
inquired with circuitco about buying a board that either had certain
components missing from the assembly and an EXACT pad for pad
replacement module that had greater capabilities than the standard
one, i.e. the modules were so identical in their physical packaging
that the pick and place robot could feed them interchangibly and the
circuitry still wired to all the needed pads on the alternate module.
That kind of one off seems like it wouldn't be so hard to get a couple
of. When you begin talking about changes that require reprogramming
of the automated assembly line robots that build the stuff along with
a new circuit board layout you're now talking real money.

Eric Fort