bitbake wrong kernel version

I’m bitbaking my own custom BBBlack image.
Everything works great; except that the kernel version installed is 3.8.13 (uname -r) and that modules somehow are compiled against 3.2.28 (modinfo and directory name in /usr/lib/modules)

This is very disturbing.

I’ve tryed forcing kernel version to 3.8.13 by setting PREFERRED_VERSION but all i get is bitbake complaining :

NOTE: preferred version 3.8.13 of linux-mainline not available (for item virtual/kernel)
NOTE: versions of linux-mainline available: 3.2.28

It looks like bitbake thinks it’s loading and compiling 3.2.28 but in fact is downloading 3.8.13
I’m having a hard time locating the place where the magic is happening.
And oddly, compiles two different kernel versions … this is the part i’m stomped.


Oh yeah, i’m working on latest 2014.06

in fact kernel modules are here (at least should be):


Yeah, little typo.

still, my modules are in /lib/modules/3.2.28/
and modinfo on them mentions 3.2.28
and uname -r gives me 3.8.13

Found the issue to my problem !

I was using “beagleboard” as machine, instead of beaglebone.

Now compiles correctly and my modules are built against the correct kernel ( 3.8.13 ).