bitcoin mining on BBB

is it possible to mine bitcoins VIA software on BBB, and if so whats the best way to get started?

I'm sure you can tweak cgminer to re-enable CPU based mining... But that feature was removed for a reason; it's pointless. Even with a high end intel i7 processor, you're wasting your time, electricity, and the usage of the beaglebone.

The bbb can be used as a controller for other hardware specific to mining (aka ASIC hardware).

What he means by that is, it’ll cost you more in electricity to mine (with a crud cpu setup) than to just buy some with cash from an exchange.

Even if electricity is free, mining on the bbb will return next to 0 returns. I have a mining setup for 2gh/s and I'm getting 0.0006 btc a day, that's basically 0.50$ a day. It's not worth the effort and the hardware, but I keep doing it because it's already set up and running w/o intervention. With 1 bbb you're looking at a hundred times less (note: total guess... I think my main PC did 300mh/s CPU so it's probably even worse than -100x) than what I make.

Maybe lite coin might be better because CPU mining is still viable on that I hear.

litecoins would actually have less return than bitcoins. At least the last time I looked this was true. The reason was merely because of the value of litecoin + exchange costs to convert to something that could be used as “real” currency.

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